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Match A Student’s Savings

Students in developing countries are saving in Bitcoin.

Many can save less than $10 a month.

Match their savings and incentivize them to stack and HODL.

How It Works

You determine how much you are willing to match per month.

You are matched with a student from a trusted community such as Mi Primer Bitcoin, Bitcoin Ekasi, Bitcoin Beach, etc.

You are provided with the student’s XPub so you can see each time they stack.

When they do, you send the same amount of sats to them.


Students alone will retain possession of the Bitcoin/private keys.

They will be able to withdraw their Bitcoin at anytime.

However, if a student withdraws Bitcoin, their savings will no longer be matched.

This will incentivize a low time preference and keep them HODLing.

Current Status

We are lining up participants to test this program and work out any kinks.





Want to Match a Student’s Savings?

Fill out the information below and we’ll be in touch shortly!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an XPub?

XPub is short for Extended Public Key.

This shows all of the addresses associated with your Bitcoin wallet.

Anyone who has your XPub can see anytime you deposit or withdraw money from your Bitcoin wallet.

No one can withdraw your Bitcoin with the XPub, only your 12 words can do that.

Is it a bad idea to share my XPub?

99.9% of the time it is a bad idea because you wouldn’t want someone to track your Bitcoin activity.

However, sharing your XPub allows your donor to know 100% for sure you are not spending your savings.

When you are done with the program, you can simply move your Bitcoin to a new wallet and your donor will no longer see your Bitcoin activity.

*Sharing an XPub sets off alarm bells in most Bitcoiners as it is known to be bad for privacy.

**After many discussions I have not heard a way a malicious donor could harm a saver.

***I am continuing to talk to more Bitcoiners, if a saver can be damaged, this program will be abandoned.

Can anyone game this system?

All savers come through trusted Bitcoin community leaders.

All donors are anonymous and are only provided their saver’s XPub.

They don’t know any other information and they are not in direct communication with a saver.

Bitcoin community leaders could game the system by:

  • Providing XPubs to their own wallets instead of a student’s.
  • Allowing students to re-apply after withdrawing their savings.

However, the reward is relatively small compared to the risk of destroying their reputation.

Perhaps we can have a third party communicate with the saver directly and ask them:

  • Do you have your 12 words?
  • Does anyone else know your 12 words?
  • Do you understand you can lose all your money if you lose these 12 words?
  • Did you personally provide the XPub from your wallet?
  • Do you understand once you withdraw Bitcoin from your wallet, you never be able to re-apply to this program?

What if my donor stops matching my savings?

No worries, let us know and we’ll assign you a new donor.

What if a saver withdraws Bitcoin?

No worries, let us know and we’ll assign you a new saver.

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